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Managerial Psychology

Assume that you are a consultant hired by this organization to study it and provide recommendations about your findings. Pick an organization you have chosen to study throughout this course.

Assume that you are a consultant hired by this organization to study it and provide recommendations about your findings. The final paper will include specific actions to be taken by the managers, supervisors, and leaders as they address challenges in the organization. Chose an organization such as Google, Groupon, Yahoo, Microsoft, etc.

In your assignment discuss the following:

  • Provide 250-350 words briefly summarizing general information about the organization (industry, size, public vs. private, etc.).
  • Describe at least 1 significant issue or challenge that this organization is currently facing as it relates to the topics covered each week.
  • Identify how you would take action to correct these issues. Be sure to include the following in your answer:
    • Description of current management challenges and the current functions, roles, and skills
    • Descriptions of supervisory challenges (which may include, but are not limited to, motivation and performance evaluation)
    • Leadership styles currently in use at the organization you are studying and the leadership theories that will be used in the solution
    • Communication challenges and the solution to these challenges (interpersonal, group, team, and organizational)

Assignment Format:

  • 400-600 words written as an essay  
  • Typed and double spaced, Times New Roman (12-point font), and 1-inch margins  
  • Proofread for spelling and grammatical errors  
  • Incorporated at least 3 outside resource and cited your sources following APA format

Reference no: EM131382982

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