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Theorist Kim Bartholomew (1990) proposed four general categories of attachment styles. Name and describe each of these styles or categories. Can an individual exhibit characteristics of more than one of these categories? What are the two generally accepted broad themes that underlie and distinguish these four styles of attachment? (Your response to this question should be no less than 300 words.)
The ethical concerns pertaining to research methods on relationships are discussed in chapter 2 of our primary text, "Intimate Relationships." Identify and describe the ethical issues that are discussed. Do the 'ends' of relationship research justify the 'means' of potential harm done to participants' relationships that are being studied? Why or why not? (Your response to this question should be no less than 300 words.)

There are a variety of ways to interpret a given event in a close relationship and partners' perspectives can be very consequential. The power of perceptions is discussed in Chapter 4 of our primary text "Intimate Relationships." Identify and describe at least three aspects of perception that are presented. Assess why each aspect you examine is significant. (Your response to this question should be no less than 300 words.)

The authors of our primary text "Intimate Relationships" examine dysfunctional communication and how this can be resolved. Identify and describe at least three examples of dysfunctional communication that are presented in chapter 5. How could each of these examples be addressed to promote improved communication? (Your response to this question should be no less than 300 words.)

Reference no: EM131414962

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