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1.Assume that a corporation wants to borrow $100,000 by issuing one hundred 10-year, $1,000 bonds. The interest rate required for similar bonds from similar corporations is 11 percent. What's the bond's face value?

A. $1,110

B. $111,000

C. $110

D. $1,000

2.What's the present value of the right to receive three equal payments, with the first payment starting today (annuity due) of $9,000 per period, discounted at a rate of 10 percent per period? (Round your answer to the nearest dollar.)

A. $27,000

B. $15,620

C. $24,620

D. $22,382

3.What's the present value of $4,500, discounted at eight-percent interest per period, for two periods? (Round your answer to the nearest dollar.)

A. $3,858

B. $4,166

C. $4,160

D. $3,932

4.The next dividend (D1) for the Jimmy Company will be $6 per share. Investors require a 20-percent return on companies such as the Jimmy Company. Jimmy's dividends are expected to increase by 10 percent every year. Based on the dividend growth model, what's the value of the stock today?

A. $30

B. $66

C. $120

D. $60

Reference no: EM132234732

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