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A savings account was opened for a baby on 1985 with a $100 deposit. No withdrawls or deposits occurred since the account was opened. The current balance of the account is $246.47. Measured in dollars of the year in which the account was opened,how much has the account grown?

a.) $4.01, gain

b.)7.01, loss

c.) 16.26,gain

d.)20.16, gain

e.) $25.64,gain

Reference no: EM13115630

Accounted as part of gordon stockholders equity

At the date of issuance, the market value of the bonds, without the stock warrants, was quoted at 96. The market value of each detachable warrant was quoted at $40. What amo

Find expressions for ad and vos in terms

An NMOS differential amplifier for which the MOSFETs have a transconductance parameter kn and whose drain esistances RD have a mismatch ? RD is biased with a current I. (a)

Classifications of period costs

Generally, period costs are classified as either a. selling expenses or production expenses. b. administrative expense or production expenses. c. selling expenses or administr

Record of a deferred tax expense

The enacted tax rate increased to 30 percent in Year 2 compared to an enacted rate of 20 percent in the prior year. At December 31, Year 2, the company would record a deferr

Restructuring of the bank

As stipulated, your company is having financial difficulty and has asked the bank to restructure its $3 million note outstanding. The present note has 3 years remaining and

Information on consumer preferences

Fast food. GfK Roper Consulting gathers information on consumer preferences around the world to help compa- nies monitor attitudes about health, food, and health care produc

Choosing the same alternative

Your rich godfather has offered you a choice of one of the three following alternatives: $10,000 now; $2,000 a year for eight years; of $24,000 at the end of eight years. As

Prepare journal entries to record the transaction

Prepare journal entries to record the following transaction: On June 1,2009 Kirby Inc. issued $600,000 6% bonds for $587,640 which includes accrued interest. interest is pay


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