Determining machining costs by activity-based costing

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Hagar Co. computed an overhead rate for machining costs ($1,500,000) of $15 per machine hour. Machining costs are driven by machine hours. If computed based on direct labour hours, the overhead rate for machining costs would be $30 per direct labour hour. The company produces two products, Cape and Chap. Cape requires 60,000 machine hours and 20,000 direct labour hours, while Chap requires 40,000 machine hours and 30,000 direct labour hours. Using activity-based costing, machining costs assigned to each product is

Reference no: EM1319131

Explain how do you see the outsourcing industry evolving

Try to discuss implications of outsourcing in a specific context. Also Explain how do you see the outsourcing industry evolving in the next decade and explain why? Give ex

Organization or department to respond to driving force

Choose one of the driving forces. Describe the specific issues this driving force creates, or will potentially create, for your organization or department. Propose the steps

Name the recruitment process

A number of the employment process have been costly and hence a company have to choose the best and uncostly process for the profit of the to be maintained and never make un

Organization to overcome the resistance to change

Identify at least three forces for change and forces for status quo that were present in this organization's situation. In your opinion, what was the principle technique use

Complete personal swot analysis evaluating your skills

Complete a personal SWOT analysis evaluating your understanding and skills in the five following categories. The first step in completing a SWOT analysis is to identify the sp

What is the price elasticity

The demand for a good is linear. Suppose that the price of this good falls from $12 to $10. This causes the quantity demanded to increase from 20 to 40. What is the price

Specific investments in specialized factors

Assuming that the owners of labor and capital had to make prior specific investments in their specialized factors, explain the source of "failure"( or Pareto non-optimality)

Discuss in depth the implementation of csr strategy

Management 423-Discuss in depth the implementation of CSR strategy. Discuss cause marketing. What are the criticisms of cause marketing? Distinguish between checkbook philanth


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