Determining ideology and communication

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Explore how ideology impinges on communicative competency in practice, especially legal venues such as child protective investigations and services.

Explore the extent to which distorted communication practices occur at the level of the intersubjective relations between the system (as represented by the various actors in child protection practice) and the live world (as represented by the client) using the following ideologies of Sinclair's: blame, bureaucratic, medical, penal, humanistic, and technocratic.

Reference no: EM1372007

How do both authors challenge racial stereotypes

In "Letter to My Son" Ta-Nehisi Coates describes how he (and his parents and grandparents) grew up with fear of violence against African-Americans. Describe one episode in

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Review the Bazzano et al. and Mayhew articles in the Learning Resources. Reflect on situations in which children should be prescribed drugs for off-label use. Think about s

Thought regarding freedom and happiness

The Declaration of Independence is a cornerstone of American thought regarding freedom and happiness. Thomas Jefferson washeavily influenced by philosophers of the period, and

Civil liberties and civil rights are the same thing

Civil liberties and civil rights are the same thing. Civil liberties can be linked to specific provisions in the Constitution while civil rights cannot. Civil liberties specif

Describe how positive self-concept enhance communication

What do you mean by self-concept. Describe how the positive self-concept will enhance your communication. What do you mean by self-esteem.

Psychologists roles-the law-and juries

Explain how each ethical obligation is overcome and/or mitigated by psychologists by providing specific examples of policies, programs, laws, or regulations that are in plac

Who are the stakeholders involved in the policy topic

How does the policy topic affect society? Who are the stakeholders (directly or indirectly) involved in the policy topic? What are the key questions or controversies associate


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