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Given what you now know about how Congress works and how a bill is passed, what is different about an omnibus bill? What is the strategy behind omnibus bills? Provide an example from American politics. Other countries, especially Canada, use omnibus bills, but since this is an American government class, please stick with legislation from this country, at the federal or state level.

Reference no: EM13158085

How genetic and environmental factors may influence

Describe how genetic and environmental factors may influence the onset of a mental disorder. Explain why some individuals may have a higher risk of acquiring a particular dis

How a process is completed or how a procedure works

To increase the audience's knowledge or understanding of a specific process so that they are enabled to describe, explain, or perform the procedure. To demonstrate using VIS

Discuss the effects of the innovation on your field

Organize your report into sections that have headings that give the reader a good sense of the dimensions of the topic and the outline. Information you might present include

Describe an intercultural transaction

Describe an intercultural transaction in which you have participated in which one or more parties demonstrated an application of kinesics different from your cultural norm

How would you divide responsibilities effectively

Strategize how you would approach this problem. How should this team collaborate to complete this project? If your team were tasked with this challenge, how would you divide

Describe the role of critical thinking

Explain the role of critical thinking with regard to the relationship of ethics and professional behavior. Include in your paper a proposal for a seminar in ethics training fo

Why this is a significant topic

The subject matter of this paper includes: Why this is a significant topic, Who it is significant to and why (intended audience) and What ways of addressing this topic to that

Discuss the public administrator in a lawsuit

When an attorney works on a civil lawsuit involving the government, his or her most direct source of information will usually be public administrators. The attorney will spe


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