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Q1) As part of contract negotiations, management claims that mean annual salary for clerical workers is $30,000.  Union would like to illustrate the mean is lower.  Random sample of 17 annual clerical salaries is collected and results sample mean of $28,157 and standard deviation of $3500.  Is this enough evidence to support Union's position?  Use significance level of a = 0.05.  You may suppose the mean annual salaries are normally distributed.

Q2) It is usually accepted that convicted burglars spend average of 18.7 months in jail.  To check this claim researcher takes random sample of 50 such cases from court files and determines that x-bar = 20.5 months.  Supposing σ is known to be 7.9 months; does sample evidence support belief that average stay is 18.7 months at the 0.025 level of significance?

Reference no: EM1319301

Given that a population of scores is normally distributed

Given that a population of scores is normally distributed with μ = 110 and σ = 8, determine the following: The percentage of scores that are between a score of 101 and 122

Explanation of significance level

In recent years, the interest rate on home mortgages has declined to less than 6.0 percent. However, according to a study by the Federal Reserve Board

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Explain what you understand by price elasticity of demand. Give examples of inelastic and elastic products or services, discussing how the concept might be used in marketing

Curvilinear relationship between two variables

How would you go about studying a nonlinear or curvilinear relationship between two variables using contingency tables and chi-square tests? Provide examples from you own pr

The restaurant manager wants to know into what range

Suppose a fast food restaurant wishes to estimate average sales volume for a new menu item. The restaurant has analyzed the sales of the items at a similar outlet and observed

Calculating standard error of the mean

The standard deviation of the population of adult female height scores is 3 inches. A random sample of 50 women yields a mean height of 64 inches. Calculate the standard err

Separate stem-and-leaf plots for the number of cases

Grocery retailer. A large, national grocery retailer tracks productivity and costs of its facilities closely. Data below were obtained from a single distribution center for

Calculate and graph the cumulative probability distribution

Forest Green Brown, Inc., produces bags of cypress mulch. The weight in pounds per bag varies, as indicated in the accompanying table. Graph the probability distribution. Cal


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