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Your cost of capital is 11 percent, and here is the offer:

You put in $900 per year for the first 11 years (years 1 through 11) and our company will pay you $2500 for the following 22 years (years 12 through 33). All payments will be made at the end of the year.

You will live at least 35 more years. Ignoring taxes, should you buy the annuity? Base your response entirely on financial grounds.

Reference no: EM1329989

Computing the additional costs

Worrix Company manufactures and sells 3,000 premium quality multimedia projectors at $12,000 per unit each year. At the current production level, the Company's manufacturing c

Comparing the value of stock

Mr. Arthur recently bought a block of 100 shares of Bingham Company common stock for $6,000. The stock is expected to provide an annual cash flow of dividends of $400 indefini

What would the new net income for the company

Assuming a contant price-earnings ratio, what will the effect bo on issuing new equity to finance the investment? To answer, calculate the new book value share, the new tota

Discuss difficulties in obtaining adequately detailed data

Discuss any difficulties you had in obtaining adequately detailed data from Microsoft's Web site for use in calculating its CCC. Evaluate Microsoft's CCC in light of your ca

What is charter’s total interest expense per year

The bonds have a coupon interest rate of 7%. What dollar amount of interest per bond can an investor expect to receive each year from Charter? What is Charter’s total interest

Slight difference due to rounding

Confirm that your answer to part c is correct by going to Appendix B (present value of $1) for n = 3 and i = 8%. Multiply this tabular value by $5,000 and compare your answe

Using capm approach to find cost of common stock

You are trying to compute the price of a preferred stock you are examining. This preferred stock has an yearly dividend of $5 per share and a par value of $30.

What is your estimate of carpetto cost of common equity

Assuming you have equal confidence in the inputs used for the three approaches, what is your estimate of Carpetto's cost of common equity? Round your answer to two decimal p


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