Determines the power required to operate this ski lift

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A ski lift has a one-way length of 1495m and a vertical rise of 285 m. The chairs are spaced 23 m apart, and each chair can seat three people. The lift is operating at a steady speed of 12 km/h. Neglecting friction and air drag and assuming that the average mass of each loaded chair is 282kg, determines the power required to operate this ski lift. Also estimate the power required to accelerate this ski lift in 4.7 s to its operating speed when it is first turned on

Reference no: EM13705999

What tensile force does the cable have to support

The tank rests on a smooth surface, and to prevent it from sliding, a horizontal flexible cable is to be connected to hooks on either the right or left side of the tank. Ass

Determine the damping ratio of the system

The Bode plot of shaft vibration of a turbine obtained during coast-down is shown in Fig. 10.44. Determine the damping ratio of the system when the static deflection of the

Release more energy to completely condense the vapour

2 kg of saturated vapour water and 8 kg of saturated vapour refrigerant-134a both at 100 kPa. Which substance will release more energy to completely condense the vapour? Expla

Evaporating from a flat surface into species

Assume that the concentration profile for species A in  the  concentration  boundary  layer  is  of  the   form CA( y) = Dy2 + Ey + F, where D, E, and F are con- stants at any

Plot the temperature drop against the radio

For the following combinations, determine the temp drop through the wall (a) thickness 0.16m and k= 1.4, 15, 25, 45, 210 and 340 W/mK. (ii) Thickness 0.25m and k as above. P

Construct a suitable finite element model

Construct a suitable finite element model and compare the FEA predictions with the theoretical data and produce a graph to show the stress distribution

Determine the amount that b should be raised

The properties given in the box below are for the whole Ibeam. The position of the centroid of the half-section (relative to the top of the section) is shown in the figure.

Human body-what is the oxygen pumping rate in g per minute

Consider human body. A 70 kg human has about 5 L of blood and it is pumped by heart at about 5.2 LPM (liter of liquid blood per minute). At any given time, the lungs transfer


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