Determine z components of the electric field in a region

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An electron has an initial velocity with an x component of zero, a y component of 9.35 km/s, a z component 16.1 km/s, and a constant acceleration of 1.60 x 1012 m/s2 in the positive x direction in a region in which uniform electric and magnetic fields are present. If the magnetic field has a magnitude of 428 µT and is in the positive x direction, find the (a)x, (b)y, and (c)z components of the electric field.

Reference no: EM13317541

Determine the optimum emise velocity per unit speed

If the aircraft flies at 9000 m standard altitude, make a plot of drag (in N) versus speed (from stall to 240 m/s) and determine the optimum emise velocity (minimum drag per

Determine if the screen needs to be cleaned

A manually cleaned bar screen has bars with a thickness of 8-mm (0.31-in) and openings 25-mm (0.98-in). After operating for a period of time, assume that the opening size decr

Calculate the change in vertical effective sress on the roof

The foof of the culvert will be located 3 m below ground surface. Currently the groundwater level is at ground surface. But, after installation of the culvert, the groundwat

Determine what is the magnitude of the maximum stress

What is the magnitude of the maximum stress that exists at the tip of an internal crack having a radius of curvature of 5.5× 10-4 mm (2.165 ×10-5 in.) and a crack length of 3

Determine immediately after release angular acceleration

Assuming that the friction force between end A and the surface is large enough to prevent sliding, determine immediately after release (a) the angular acceleration of the ro

Which the trailing vortices move downward under their own

An airplane with a weight of 10,000lb/f is flying at 600ft/s at36,000ft., where the airplane pressure is 3.3 p.s.i.a. and thetemperature is -67 degrees F. The lift coefficient

Determine the design speed of the curve

an equal-tangent sag vertical curve is designed with the PVC AT STation 109 + 00 and elevation 950 ft, the PVI at station 110 + 77 and elevation 947.34ft,and the low point a

When does connection capacity govern the required strength

The cost of tuition at a certain public university was $120 per credit-hour 7 years ago. The cost today (exactly 7 years later) is $255. The annual rate of increase is closest


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