Determine which response format would be the most effective

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Discussion: "Data Gathering"

Please respond to the following:

• Online questionnaires enable companies to gather data from a large number of possible responders. For a web-based questionnaire, determine which response format would be the most effective. Provide a rationale for your response.

• Companies use Web analytics to gather data and measure a Website's design effectiveness among its users. Of the two web analytic categories (on-site and off-site), speculate on which one is more effective.

Reference no: EM131380042

Design database for company organized into departments

Database designers stated following dimension of "miniworld"- to be represented in Company Supplier-Part database: company is organized into departments. Each department has

Implement a basic initial ner classifier

COMP9318 (16S2) PROJECT - you will use scikit-learn and python 3 to engineer an effective clas- sifier for an important Information Extraction task called Named Entity Rec

Use of dictionary-managed tablespaces in database

our current database uses dictionary-managed tablespaces. In running various performance tuning scripts, you have discovered that one of these tablespaces seems to have r

Apply the validation rules in table design properties

Validation rules in the table design properties are known as column level as you can only reference one field, such as Amount > 100. (you did this with the Units Field - rem

Compare different types of partitions-disks and volumes

You are tasked to design Windows 2008 servers to host a database and the company's Web application that will be used heavily by 1,000 employees. The goals are to minimize th

Display the students for each class in the main form

Create a new custom form that contains a subform, the main from will contain the classes and the subform will contain the students , when the user navigate the classes from

How healthcare data sets are used in healthcare settings

For each data set, your analysis should include the purpose of the data, type of setting, secondary data sources classification, reporting process and frequency (i.e., quart

Identifying all attributes and decide primary key of invoice

Considering the following example of Invoice, you will design relational database by following the step suggested. Please, answer each step. Step1: Identifying all attributes


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