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Assignment- Recycling, Reducing, and Reusing, where you will physically review the recyclables you have collected over one week, and use your research to identify all materials that can be recycled from what you would normally throw away in a week's time.

In order to prepare for this assignment, you were asked to complete the following:

• Identify the recycling services available in your community.

• Determine whether your community offers a recycling program, and if so, what types of material they recycle. For example, do they take compost, steel cans, and such other material?

• Find out how recycling materials need to be separated and the dates and times of recycling pickup in your area. If you do not have recycling in your area, select a nearby community that offers recycling and use their information to guide your assignment.

In addition, you were asked to select either Module 2 or Module 3 to collect items to be recycled and log a journal of these items.

If you have not yet collected these recyclable items, be sure to begin in Module 3. Ensure that you rinse the recyclable items in order to deter bugs. Save all your recyclables in a container that is separate from your actual trash. You can use another trash bag or a paper bag. Suggested items to separate and recycle include plastics, paper, cans, glass, aluminum, and other recyclable items.

As you collect this data-the recyclables-keep a record of the material you are recycling. This recycling journal needs to be a rough estimate for each day.

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