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1.) To determine the amount at which inventory should be reported on the December 31, Year 1, balance sheet, Monroe Company compiles the following information for its inventory of Product Z on hand at that date:

Historical cost $20,000

Replacement cost 14,000

Estimatedselling price 17,000

Estimated costs to complete and sell 2,000

Normal profit margin as a percentage of selling price 20%

The entire inventory of Product Z that was on hand at December 31, Year 1, was completed in Year 2 at a cost of $1,800 and sold at a price of $17,150.


-Determine the impact that Product Z has on income in Year 1 and in Year 2 under (1) IFRS and (2) U.S. GAAP.

-Summarize and discuss the difference in income, total assets, and total stockholders' equity using the two different sets of accounting rules over the two-year period.

Do not forget to include proper APA formatting and citation where necessary.

2.) Atlanta Tours Company entered into a five-year lease on January 1, Year 1, with Duck Boats, Inc. for a customized duck boat. Duck Boats, Inc. will provide a vehicle to Atlanta Tours Company with the words "Gone with the Wind" carved into the sides. Following are the terms of the lease arrangement.

Fair value of the wagon at the inception of the lease is $10,000

There is an eight-year estimated economic life

Estimated (unguaranteed) residual value is $3,500. Atlanta Tours Company does not absorb any gains or losses in fluctuations of the fair value of the residual value.

Annual lease payments of $2,000 are due on January 1 of each year. The implicit interest rate in the lease is 6 percent.

There is an option to purchase at end of lease term for $4,000.

The lease is noncancelable and may not be extended.


-Discuss whether Atlanta Tours Company should classify this lease as an operating lease or as a finance lease under (a) IFRS and (b) U.S. GAAP.

-Discuss your reasoning.

Do not forget to include proper APA formatting and citation where necessary.

3.) Ultima Company offers its customers discounts to purchase goods and take title before they actually need the goods. The company offers to hold the goods for the customers until they request delivery. This relieves the customers from making room in their warehouses for merchandise not needed yet. The goods are on hand and ready for delivery to the buyer at the time the sale is made. Ultima Company pays the cost of storage and insurance prior to shipment. Customers are billed at the time of sale and are given the normal credit period (90 days) to pay.


-Determine whether Ultima Company should recognize revenue from the sale of goods at the time title passes to the customer or whether it should defer revenue recognition until the goods are delivered to the customer.

Do not forget to include proper APA formatting and citation where necessary.

Reference no: EM131392694

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