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The purpose of this project is to evaluate the student's ability to research and evaluate security testing software and present a proposal for review by executive team members. By completing the document the student will also gain practical knowledge of the security evaluation documentation and proposal writing process. The project will enable the student to identify and understand the required standards in practice, as well as the details that should be covered within a proposal.

Project Deliverable

• Using the Case Study presented in this document, to complete an executive proposal.

• Provide a three to five page proposal summarizing purpose and benefit of chosen security software to the executive management team.

• The student will evaluate and test security testing software for purposes of testing corporate network security. The purpose of the software is to measure the security posture of the organization by identifying vulnerabilities and help prevent future attacks and deter any real-time unknown threats.

• The proposal should effectively describe the software in a manner that will allow the executiveteam members to understand the purpose and benefits of the software to approve purchase.

Project Description:

The purpose of project is to write an executive proposal for a fictitious company called Advanced Research. The goal of the proposal is to persuade the executive management team to approve purchase of security testing software that can benefit the company's corporate network security by testing and identifying vulnerabilities before they are exploited by hackers. The proposal must include a detailed description of the software, its purpose and benefits.

Suggested Approach

1. Research a security testing software tool that you practiced using in the EC-Council iLabs or from the textbook.

2. Determine whether the tool would be beneficial in testing the security of a corporate network.

3. Use the vendor's website to collect necessary information about the tool to be able to explain its purpose and benefit.

4. Include 3rd party endorsements and case studies about the tool.

5. Integrate the information from your own experience with the tool into your proposal. This may include results from the iLab exercises or your own test lab.

Reference no: EM13854502

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