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In the two-period model, suppose a household's income in the first period is $50,000, income in the second period is $60,000, and the real interest rate is 25 percent. Draw a diagram showing the budget constraint. Now, suppose the real interest rate declines to 20 percent. Draw the new budget constraint. For the budget constraints you have drawn, be sure to show the values of the intercepts on each axis. If the household decides that its consumption in period 1 should always be one half of the present value of income, determine whether the household is worse off or better off because of the decline in the real interest rate. Show your work.

Reference no: EM131340634

Operations comparable to this project have unlevered betas

Stackhouse Industries has a new project available that requires an initial investment of $5.5 million. The project will provide unlevered cash flows of $775,000 per year for t

Compute the standard deviation of its return

The one-month riskfree rate is 0.4%. Risky asset A has a mean return of 1.50% a month and a standard deviation of 10%. Risky asset B has a mean return of 0.8 a month and a sta

Estimate q1 and q2

The recovery rate is 40%. Defaults can take place halfway through each year. The risk-neutral default rates per year are Q1 for years 1 to 3 and Q2 for years 4 and 5. Estimate

Importance of the firms sources of capital should reflect

The weights used to determine the relative importance of the firms sources of capital should reflect: A. Book values in accord with generally accepted accounting principles. C

Calculate the EAC for each machine

Vandelay Industries is considering the purchase of a new machine for the production of latex. Machine A costs $3,138,000 and will last for six years. Variable costs are 40 per

Cash basis taxpayer-received a salary

Samantha, a cash basis taxpayer, received a salary of $75,000 during year 1, 2, and 3. Samantha was also awarded a $15,000 bonus that was accrued by her employer, Center Corpo

What is the flotation cost adjustment

Barton industries expects next year's annual dividend to be $1.50 and it expects dividends to grow at a constant rate of 4.2 The firm's current common stock price is $20.30 If

What is the book value for a share of southern energy stock

Southern Energy Exploration reports that the corporation’s assets are valued at $480,000,000, its liabilities are 100,000,000, and it has issued 60,000,000 shares of stock. Wh


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