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Many animals can be categorized as either protostomes and deuterostomes based on certain features of their embryonic development. Determine whether each of the following terms applies to only protostomes, only deuterostomes, both protostomes and deuterostomes, or neither. The items are spiral determinate cleavage, coelom from solid masses of mesoderm, anus from blastopore, coelom from folds of archenteron, radial intermediate cleavage, mouth from blastopore, diploblast, and triploblast.

Reference no: EM13110871

Define methods for placing organisms in appropriate taxa

Why is the gene coding for ribosomal RNA (rRNA) used for establish phylogenetic relationships and how does this compare to previous methods for placing organisms in appropriat

What would cause this unusual sound

In thefirst week of his new job he noticed he felt weak and short ofbreath. An ECG revealed an enlarged P wave. What abnormality do youthink it would be likely that his phys

Describe the processes involved in the transformation

Describe the processes involved in the transformation of solid materials in rock into soluble nutrients in soil. What biological factors can influence the rate of this trans

The discovery of microsphere and coacervates

Why was the discovery of microsphere and coacervates an important contribution to understanding of how life might have originated on earth .

Find linear acceleration of component as it travels down

A robot unloads a finished component from a machine and places it on a gravity convetor, the component accelerates from rest until it reaches the bottom of the conveyor 4.5

Present on different chromosomes

Ebony (black body, b) and apterous (vestigial wings, v) are recessive traits, present on different chromosomes. A cross is performed between an ebony female with normal wings

Discuss the reasoning behind this claim

The quantity theory states that the impact of money on nominal GDP can be determined without details about the aggregate demand curve, so long as the velocity of money is pr

The experiments by miller and urey

1.   The experiments by Miller and Urey, in which methane, ammonia, hydrogen gases were placed in a closed chamber with circulating water vapor and electricity, generated: An


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