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Question: Relational Databases Please respond to the following:

From the e-Activity, assess the advantages and disadvantages of the continued use of the traditional relational database and then decide if businesses should be moving toward relational databases in the cloud. Justify your decision and provide specific examples to support your response.

Determine whether a company has an ethical obligation to share with external clients that key information about them is being stored in the cloud. Speculate how external clients would react if they were told in advance or it was kept from them and they found out another way.


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Under the relational database the data is stored in to tables and the relationship between the data variables is defined(Bagui & Earp, 2011). The information is stored in table of rows which are called record and columns are called fields. Each database item has a unique primary key and some data variables have foreign keys also. The relational database was developed to overcome the lacunas of the traditional database, such as data redundancy. Relational database saves time and energy and it has superior features over the traditional database model. Relational database had been very good keep data of company and is in use for decades and it is a time tested technique. However in recent years the concept of cloud company has become popular and it is advocated that the relational database can be more efficient and powerful with the concept of cloud computing.

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