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Question: Below is the prompt for the last reflection question. As I stated in class, be confident with your answer. Important to justify/substantiate the answer you provide. Here it is:

Early this semester we discussed multiple "themes" related to development in general. We applied these themes to infancy throughout the semester. After learning about infancy, what would be your personal theme for infant development specifically (Think "Infant Development is...") ? Identify and articulate your own personal theory of infant/toddler development.

In other words, what about infant development really resonated with you??? Use your obtained knowledge, interesting/surprising findings, etc. to substantiate/validate your theme. This is NOT you choosing a theme from chapters 1or 16 and elaborating on it. Further, I am looking for your thoughts/feelings and using material from class to support your point. It is not designed to just restate material from class. I want to know YOUR takeaways/impressions which will be captured within your "theme." As I said in class, go "all in" with this. Identify your theme and sell me on it. I am really interested in reading what you learned about babies this semester.

Reference no: EM132183653

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