Determine what is the velocity of the blood

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Suppose it is known that a 5MHz transducer axis makes an angle of 30 degrees relative to the direction of motion of blood in a vessel. If the Doppler frequency is measured to be +500Hz, what is the velocity of the blood? Is it moving toward or away from the transducer?

Reference no: EM13255849

What is simplified form of the minority carrier diffusion

An ideal n+/p diode has only the quasi neutral p region of length L illuminated with light such that GL electrons/cm3-s are generated uniformly throughout the region. There

Write an expression for the modulated signal sfm

An analog AMPS cell phone channel at 900MHz carrier has a carrier amplitude of 4V and is a modulation signal m(t)=Bmsin(10000*pi*t). The amplitude of the modulating signal

Determine and plot e-k dependence for an electron

Electrons in solids have negative potiental energies with energy of a free electron (this means that these electrons needs to gain energy to liberate themselves from the sol

Does the field rotate clockwise or counterclockwise

The magnetic field produced in the air gap of an induction motor by the stator windings is given by B=Bm cos(wt-2theta) in which theta is angular displacement in the counter

Estimate collective gonad dose to reproductive population

A static population of 900,000 people lives in an area with a background ra­ diation level that gives each person an extra 125 mrem (whole-body) per year of low LET expos

Determine what is the function that the system performs

A digital system has three registers AR, BR, PR. Three flip flops provide the control variables for the system: S is a flipflop that is set by an external Start signal to st

Find the maximum power and torque

A 2,000-hp, unity power factor, three-phase, Y-connected, 2,300-V, 30-pole, 60-Hz syn chronous motor has a synchronous reactance of 1.95 Ω per phase. Neglect all losses. Fin

What is the particular solution for capacitance current

In a series RC circuit, R = 5 Ohms and C = 0.1F. The capacitor voltage is 10 volts at t=0. At t=0, a voltage of 4V is applied. a) Determine the total capacitance voltage and c


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