Determine what is the periodic table form of the c-s-h gel

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The C-S-H gel can come in a variety of chemical structure forms. If it has a cement notation form of C3 S2 H8, what is the periodic table form of this C-S-H gel? What would be the balanced equations for C3 S and C2 S when hydrated into this form?

Reference no: EM13309953

What is the maximum miles down the track for a siding

Freight train A passes through Petticoat Junction, a node where twosingle track lines connect, at 6:50 AM, traveling at 40 MPH, with50 cars that are 70 feet nose to nose. A

Calculate maximum allowable shear force v max for the girder

is fabricated of two 300 mm X 25 mm flange plates and a 800 mm X 16 mm web plate. the plates are joined by four fillet welds that run continuously for the length of the gird

What is the probability that if you purchase the car

An automobile that you are looking at purchasing has an advertised fuel mileage of 30 miles per gallon. You rent the car for a week and track your mileage to school and back h

Were the rumble strips effective in reducing average speeds

A before-and after speed study was conducted to determine the effectiveness of a series of rumble strips installed approaching a toll plaza to reduce approach speeds to 40 m

What is the undrained shear strength of the clat in kpa

A saturated clay deposit is vane-tested in-situ. A torque of 30Nm is required to shear the clat. The vane is 40mm wide by 100mm long.What is the undrained shear strength of th

Find the work done by the air and heat transfer

A cylinder/piston contains 100 L air at 110 kPa, 25?C. The air is compressed in a reversible polytropic process to a final state of 800 kPa, 500 K. Assume the heat transfer

Find the tensions in both sides of the rope for someone walk

You are given that a piece of rope is 90.5 ft long. The distance between the poles holding the rope is 90 ft. We are to find the tensions in both sides of the rope for someone

Determine the reaction rate constant to be first order

A reaction in a batch system is assumed to be first order. Data listed below was collected. Determine the reaction rate constant. chemical concentration (ug/L) time(min) 19.3


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