Determine what is the minimum do in the river

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A stream is in equilibrium with atmospheric oxygen upstream of a waste outfall. The waste outfall creates a BODo of 20 mg/L in the stream. The k(BOD) is 0.4 /day and the k(o2) is 1.4 / day. The stream temperature is 15 degrees Celsius. How far downstream, in terms of travel time, is the maximum DO sag. What is the minimum DO in the river?

Reference no: EM13302922

Who has been offered a 5-year contract at a remote location

Suzanne is a recent chemical engineering graduate who has been offered a 5-year contract at a remote location. She has been offered two choices. The first is a fixed salary

The 50-lb block a and the 25-lb block b

The 50-lb block A and the 25-lb block B are supported by an incline that is held in the position shown. Knowing that the coefficient of static friction is 0.20 between the two

Calculate the velocity as plunger strikes a

THe upper end of the spring is welded to the lunger and the lower end is welded to the base plate. If the plunger is lifted 1.5" above equilibrium and released from rest, ca

Discuss the changes in moisture content and the effects

Discuss the changes in moisture content and the effects of these changes on a piece of dimension lumber from the time the tree is cut, through its processing, and until it h

How long would it take for consolidation of the clay

A 4m deep clay layer is underlain by impermeable shale. A sample of clay from the layer is subjected to an appropriate increment of stress in a consolidation test giving the

Find when is the rider going to reach the stopping point

If we apply a breaking system to a skateboard while the speed of the skateboard is 5Milies per hour, the rider average weights is 180bounds while his height is 170 cm. You c

What is the minimum length of the vertical curve

A tow truck is searching a city street at 30 mi/h for illegally parked vehicles. It travels over an equal tangent vertical curve with an initial grade of +3.5% and final gra

Determine the compression index of the clay

A layer of normally consolidated clay has been filled with 2m of gravel at a unit weight of 17kN/m3 for a long period of time and the settlement of the clay layer monitored


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