Determine what is the maximum speed attainable by the car

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A driver traveling on a roadway decides to overtake a slow-moving truck traveling at 15 mph. The accelerating characteristic of the car is given by the following: dv/dt= 2.08-0.032v where v is the speed (ft/sec), and t is the time (sec).

(a) What is the acceleration of the car after 3, 7, 10, and 100 seconds?

(b) What is the maximum speed attainable by the car?

(c) How far will the car travel in 120 seconds?

The driver in problem 2 stops at an intersection with a two-way stop sign. Assume that the width of the intersection in 24 ft and the car is 20 ft long. If the driver's perception-reaction time is 0.75 seconds, determine if he can clear the intersection safely for the following conditions?

(a) When the through traffic is quite heavy and the average gap between vehicles is 5 seconds.

(b) If the average gap between vehicles increases to 10 seconds.

Reference no: EM13305226

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