Determine what is the firms marginal revenue

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a competitive firm can sell all of its output for the market price of $5. its short run cost function is TC= 1000 + Q + 0.005Q2. this cost function has marginal cost given by MC= 1 + 0.01Q.

what is the firms marginal revenue?

Reference no: EM13238450

What is the expected dividend yield

Lucas Clinic's last dividend (D0) was $1.50. Its current equilibrium stock price is $15.75, and its expected growth rate is a constant 5 percent. If the stockholders' requir

Solve for the equilibrium interest rate

Set M/P equal to its initial value of 1,600. Now suppose that government spending increases to G = 400. Summarize the effects of an expansionary fiscal policy on Y, i, and C

What is the future value in 40 years of the income

According to U.S. Census Bureau data (2004), average monthly income for a person with a degree in engineering was $5296 versus $3443 for a degree in liberal arts. What is th

What is the resolution of the dac having this characteristic

Determine the maximum DNL (in LSBs) for a 3-bit DAC, which has the following characteristics. Does the DAC have 3-bit accuracy? If not, what is the resolution of the DAC hav

Calculate the money multiplier in mm

Suppose that due to whatever reason, reserve demand changes and you forecast the reserve demand to now be Rd = 270 - 30 iff. In order to keep the federal funds rate at targe

Determine which alternative the firm should select

Cash Flow A B C Initial cost $15,000 $27,500 $22,500 O & M costs / year $ 1,600 $ 375 $ 1,100 Annual cost savings $ 7,000 $ 9,500 $ 9,000 Salvage value $ 3,000 $ 7,250 $ 4,5

What promised payment will savers require

a safe firm and a risky firm. Each firm needs to borrow the same amount of funds to start a project. The safe firm knows with certainty that it will see a 30 percent retur

State intercept points with axes and critical kink points

Suppose that there is a consumer who consumes 2 types of goods: Good A and Good B. The consumer has $84 and the price per unit of Good A is $4 and the price per unit of Good


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