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a) a mating of an albino (White) guinea pig and a black one gave 6 borwn, 3 black and 3 white offspring in the f2 generation. what were the genotypes of the albino (Cw) and the black (Cb) parent guinea pig respectively?

b) multiple Alleles control the intensity of pigment in mice. The gene D1 designates full color, D2 designates dilute color and D3 id deadly when homozygous. the order of dominance is D1>D2>D3. when a full color male is mated to a dilute female , the offspring are produced in the following ratio: two full color to one dilute to one dead. what are the genotypes of the parents?

Reference no: EM13332678

Describe selective hypotheses for relative hairlessness

Invent and describe two additional selective hypotheses for the relative hairlessness of humans. You must describe how each of your hypotheses explain the reduced amount of

Levels of the biological organization

There are 10 levels of the biological organization, I have to list emergent properties for all 10 levels that only occur in those levels and I am having trouble figuring tha

Which of the following is not completed during interphase

In prokaryotic genome replication and cell division a battery of enzymes copies the DNA of each strand until the entire circle is copied. After the genome has been replicate

Evolved from earlier generationsof the virus

Does anyone know if there is a treatment option such as avaccine or therapy or something to get rid of the HIV virus anddoes anyone know how it may have evolved from earlier g

Which spirometry measurements indicate the extent of quiet

describe boyle's law and how inhalation and exhalation follow from this law. identify the muscles involved in quiet inhalation and those additionally required for forced inh

Explain why the patients died of lack of oxygen

What affect would cyanide have on the electron transport chain and the production of ATP - explain why the patients died of lack of oxygen while their blood oxygen levels were

Artificial selection and genetic engineering of organisms

Discuss similarities and differences of artificial selection and genetic engineering of organisms. In your answer also include one advantage and one disadvantage for each tech

Describe the full loop from activation of a mechanoreceptor

Describe the full "loop" from activation of a mechanoreceptor in the arm to the voluntary movement of the arm as a consequence (i.e. explain how somatosensory and motor info


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