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Jeff and his roommate are in the cake baking business. When they receive an order over the internet, Jeff prepares a bowl and mixes cake batter according to the order (takes 6 minutes). He then pours the batter into a baking pan that holds 1 cake (2 minutes). His roommate then puts the cake pan in the oven and sets a timer (1 minute). Cakes bake in the oven for 9 minutes and then are cooled outside the oven on a rack for 5 minutes. Finally the roommate takes 2 minutes to box the cake and then collects payment from the arriving customer (1 minute).

Each cake order is composed of a two tier cake (2 cakes). Also Jeff and his roommate can only perform their assigned activities and cannot perform the other's. Although the mixing bowl can hold batter for two cakes at one time, assume the oven can only hold one cake pan at a time. As mentioned above, pouring batter into each pan takes 2 minutes, both cakes must be cooled before boxing, and each cake is put into the box separately one on top of the other.

a. Determine theoretical flow time from the order thru payment. Assume no waiting over the entire process. (in minutes)

Now consider the effect on flow time given the following alternatives:

b. Buy a second oven that can bake one cake pan (plus existing oven cooking 1 cake pan). (in minutes)

c. Replace oven with one that can hold two cake pans at the same time (still 9 min bake). (in minutes)

d. Replace oven with a faster convection oven that can bake one cake pan in 6 minutes (instead of 9). (in minutes)

Reference no: EM132184955

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