Determine the volume of direct surface runoff in acre-ft

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Determine the volume of direct surface runoff in acre-ft that will result from the following storm. The basin area is 1000 acres. The phi index is 0.5 in./hr. 30-minute period 1 2 3 4 Rain intensity (in./hr) 0.9 0.5 0.6 0.5

Reference no: EM13302163

What is the pm concentration in micrometers per dcsm

The total gas volume that flowed through the dry gas meter was 2.785 cubic meters (at T = 60 deg F and P = 800 mm Hg). The mass of PM (particulate matter) was 1.50 g. Also,

Identify each corner by a suitable description on the sketch

When using the rectangular surveying system, under what circumstances is there an exception to the general law that an identified original section corner controls the position

Determine the power needed for the heater

A cattle watering has a free surface with a size equal to 0.6 m x 0.3m, with the longer side being parallel to the prevailing wind. Wind at -23 C is blowing over the surface

A jar test has shown that the optimum dose

A jar test has shown that the optimum dose of ferric chlorideconsumes all of the alkalinity. If the amount of the ferricchloride that is in excess is 10 mg/l, how much lime(Ca

Plot of log-log grah of the flowrate as a funciton of h

Water flows from a large open tank through a sharp edged entrance and into a galvanized iron pipe of a length 1.5 miles and diameter of 4 inches. The water exits the pipe as

What is the magnitude of the electrons initial acceleration

An electron is released from rest at a perpendicular distance of 9.9 cm from a line of charge on a very long nonconducting rod. That charge is uniformly distributed, with 9.

How many gallons would be required to last same time as gas

A water treatment plant effluent is to be disinfected with chlorine from ton cylinders of compressed gas. The plant is 5 million gallons per day. There are a total of 10 use

Determine what angle of twist

a beryllium copper wire having diameter of 1-50 mm and length of 40mm is used as a small torsion bar in an instrument. determine what angle of twist would result in the wire


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