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The catapult is used to launch a ball such that it strikes the wall of the building at the maximum height of its trajectory. If it takes 1.5 s to travel from A to B, determine the velocity vA at which it was launched, the angle of release q, and the height h.

Reference no: EM13212060

Company responsible for monitoring emissions

You are the lead engineer of a company responsible for monitoring emissions from vehicles that your company produces. It is discovered that a "cheat" device was installed on

Calculate the absorbed radiation per unit area of absorber

For an hour 11 AM to 12 noon on a clear winter day, IB = 1.38 MJ/m2, and ID = 0.41 MJ/m2. Ground reflectance is 0.6. For this hour, the incidence angle ? for the beam radiatio

Determine tension developed in ad cable for equilibrium

Determine the tension developed in AB cable for equilibrium of the 350-lb crate. Determine the tension developed in AC cable for equilibrium of the 350-lb crate. Determine the

Meteorologist is studying hurricanes and tornadoes

A meteorologist is studying hurricanes and tornadoes. She determines that a particular historic tornado can be described by phi7. At a distance 1 km from the eye of the tornad

Relationship between y and x for these data

Find a 95% confidence interval for the model's slope parameter (β1). What does this confidence interval tell you about the relationship between Y and X for these data?

Determining the true strain in the larger area

One part of the gauge section has an initial cross-sectional area that is 0.99 times that of the rest of the gauge section. What will be the true strain in the larger area a

Reasons for discrepancies and ssible mechanisms

Discuss both the reasons for these discrepancies and ssible mechanisms by which such pollutants are formed in an actual engine. In a memorandum, summarize your findings and

Estimate the mass of the gas in the tank in kg

Estimate the mass of the gas in the tank in kg assuming the gas behaves as an ideal gas. If the gas warms up to 35 deg C as it sits in the sun all day, what would the pressu


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