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1. People with vivid imaginations are more likely than others to experience:

A) flashbulb memories.
B) false memories.
C) implicit memories,
D) mood - congruent memories.

2. Police interrogators have been trained to ask less suggestive and more effective questions in order to avoid:
A) long-term potentiation.
B) the misinformation effect,
C) mood-congruent memory,
D) the next-in-line effect,

3. Describe three mnemonic devices that would enable you to remember the following list of grocery items: milk, eggs, margarine, rhubarb, oranges, ice cream, eggplant, and sausage. Explain why each would be effective.

4. During the process of psychotherapy, Elaine recovered some long-forgotten and painful memories from her childhood; this experience led her to conclude that these memories must have been repressed for many years. Discuss the issues involved in determining the validity of Elaine's claim.

Reference no: EM13649204

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