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You want to determine the upper control line for a “p” chart fo quality control purposes. You take several samples of a size of 100 items in your production process. From the samples you determine the fraction defective is 0.1 and the standard error is 0.03. If the desired confidence level is 99.7 percent (Z-value = 3), which of the following is the resulting UCL value for the line?

Reference no: EM131028842

Drop in inventory means that the change will be negative

A process has a cycle time of 10 minutes. The throughput time is 9 hours. If the throughput time is reduced to 5 hours without changing the cycle time, what is the change in i

Determine the best course of action for harvest farm

Using the information below develop a linear program to determine the best course of action for Harvest Farm Enterprises. Using the results of the linear program prepare an ex

Strategic decision-maker facing

Porter would argue that every strategic decision-maker facing the same industry and competitive analysis, and internal capabilities, would produce the same strategy. We argue

What is the monthly profit or loss

What is the crossover point in units for Eric Limon/ Shutter stock the processes? - What is the monthly profit or loss if the company changes to the Hi-Speed shredder and sell

Order for organization to pursue continuous improvement

In order for an organization to pursue continuous improvement, it will eventually need to use variables control charts. If an organization has significantly reduced defective

What are the globalizations pros and cons

What are the Globalization's pros and cons? How can firms, Non-Government organizations, and governments help to reduce the effect of Globalization's cons? Are there any effor

How many days would you record for away from work

Karen Kite works in the Admissions Department at Kitty Hawk University. While leaving for lunch on Monday, she fell down the steps and broke her left arm. How many days would

Repetitive manufacturing plant producing trailer hitches

Carol Cagle has a repetitive manufacturing plant producing trailer hitches in Arlington, Texas. The plant has an average inventory turnover of only 12 times per year. He has t


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