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The welding power generated in a particular arcwelding operation = 3000 W. This is transferred to the work surface with a heat transfer factor = 0.9. The metal to be welded is copper whose melting point is given in Table 29.2. Assume that the melting factor = 0.25. A continuous fillet weld is to be made with a cross-sectional area = 15.0 mm2 . Determine the travel speed at which the welding operation can be accomplished.


Reference no: EM131259089

How you determined which improvement option to recommend

List the improvement options you tested and the increase in profit per dollar invested for each option tested.Write a brief explanation of how you determined which improvement

Estimate the time for the billet to cool

A billet of stainless steel, AISI 316, with a diameter of 150 mm and a length of 500 mm emerges from a heat treatment process at 200°C and is placed in an unstirred oil bath

Perpendicular to an axisymmetric horizontal jet

A circular plate having a diameter of 300 mm is held perpendicular to an axisymmetric horizontal jet of air having a velocity of 40 m/s and a diameter of 80 mm as shown in F

Heat transfer involved in process closed system-ideal gas

1 kg water in a piston cylinder device is initially at 250 degrees C and 300kpa (state 1) a total of 700 kj of work is done on the water in order to isothermally reduce its vo

Calculate the fraction of h atoms

Calculate the fraction of H atoms in each of these states at a temperature of 100 K. he F = 1 state is the ground state and there are no other states with significant popula

Coefficient of static friction between tires and road

A 2000-kg automobile starts from rest at point A on a 6o incline and coasts through a distance of 150 m to point B. The brakes are then applied, causing the automobile to co

Calculate the vacancy concentration in aluminum

Calculate the vacancy concentration in aluminum at 50%, 70%, and 90% of TMP=923 K. Gvf = 0.66 eV, and k = 8.62 x 10-5 eV/K. Calculate ln (nv/N) and 1/T, and plot on a linear s

Estimate the average temperature the wall will attain

Assuming that the air is 80°F and 1 atm and blows across the wall as on a flat plate, estimate the average temperature the wall will attain for equilibrium conditions.


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