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The initial salary of Mr. Kiptum is Sh. 42,000 per annum. His salary increases by 13% each year. Determine his total earnings after 15 years. Give your answer to the nearest thousands

Reference no: EM131190541

Determining the parliamentary election

In 2007 parliamentary election, only 55% of the voters in a constituency of 85,000 cast their  votes. Of the votes cast, A received 48%, B received 32% and C received the rem

What is the aftertax cost of debt

A bond with a $1,000 par value sells for $895. The coupon rate is 7%, the bonds mature in 20 years, and coupon interest is paid semi-annually. The tax rate is 35%. What i

Expected for the company stock price

A common stock issue is currently selling for $31 per share. The company plans to pay a dividend of $1.40 per share next year and the required rate of return it 12%, what g

Six-step risk management process

Using the traditional, six-step Risk Management Process (below), go through the process using an online university as your model company. Identify and take five traditional

Future value of multiple annuities

Assume that you contribute $120 per month to a retirement plan for 20 years. Then you are able to increase the contribution to $220 per month for another 20 years. Given a 7

Determining the depreciation expense

Consider a firm whose net income last year was $3,455,000. If that firm has a tax rate of 40%, paid interest of $657,000 and OH and depreciation expense of $1,428,000 and a

Estimate of the current stock price

Each of these values is expected to grow at 14 percent the following year, with the growth rate declining by 2 percent per year until the growth rate reaches 6 percent where

What is the monthly payment on the mortgage

What is the monthly payment on the mortgage? Construct the amortization of the loan for the twenty years in a spreadsheet to show the interest cost, the principal reduction,


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