Determine the total cost of the level strategy

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A supermarket determined the number of cashiers needed for the next 7 months as: month 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Cashiers 5 3 2 6 9 8 10 The supermarket wants to employ full-time employees as cashiers. Wages are $2500 per cashier per month. Hiring cost is $500 per cashier and firing cost is $1000 per cashier. A cashier can work overtime up to 25% of the regular time. The overtime pay is %150 of the regular wages. The supermarket has just fired all cashiers.

a. Determine the total cost of the chase strategy

b. Determine the total cost of the level strategy

c. Use a mixed-strategy to lower the total cost.

Reference no: EM132280599

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