Determine the time to obtain a density in seawater

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Seawater flows steadily into an open 100 liter tank initially filled completely with freshwater. The freshwater mixes thoroughly with the seawater and the mixture overflows out of the tank. If the flow rate out of the tank is 10 liters/minute, determine the time (in seconds) to obtain a density of 1010 kg/m^3. Assume freshwater is 1000 kg/m^3, and seawater is 1030 kg/m^3.

Reference no: EM13317197

Compute dead load due to backfill that the pipe must support

A 300 mm diameter pipe is placed in a 3 m deep rectangular trench that is 0.60 m wide. The trench is backfilled with clay that has a bulk unit weight of 18.8 kN/m3. Compute

Calculate the total drilling cost

Calculate average figures for tonnes/round and powder factors in kg/tonne and Determine the drill metres required to achieve a production rate from grade control blasting.

Rankine cycle and thermal efficiency

Determine the rate at which heat is added in the boiler, the power required to operate the pumps, the net power produced by the cycle, and the thermal efficiency.

Determine at what ocean level h will the gate first open

Gate AB is 4m wide into the paper and opens to let fresh water out when the ocean tide is dropping. The hinge at A is 0.50m above the freshwater level. At what ocean level h

What was the students associated perception reaction time

The student strikes the sign at a speed of 25 mi/h. if the student was travelling at 65 mi/h when the sign was first spotted, what was the student's associated perception re

Find an expression for the flowrate and average velocity

The flow is designed using a rectangular coordinate system whose orgin is at the free surface midway between the walls. The x axis is normal to the walls, and the y axis po

What is the emission rate of carbon tetrachloride from this

A dry cleaning establishment buys 500 gal of carbon tetrachloride every month. as a result of the dry cleaning operation, most of this is lost to the atmosphere and only 50 ga

What is the total equivalent through volume on the approach

An intersection approach volume is 1,500 veh/h and includes 12% left turns with a through-vehicle equivalent of 2.3 tvu's/left turn. What is the total equivalent through vol


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