Determine the thermal efficiency of this cycle

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Consider an ideal gas-turbine cycle with one stage of compression and two stages of expansion and regeneration. The pressure ratio across each turbine stage is the same. The highpressure turbine exhaust gas enters the regenerator and then enters the low-pressure turbine for expansion to the compressor inlet pressure. Determine the thermal efficiency of this cycle as a function of the compressor pressure ratio and the high-pressure turbine to compressor inlet temperature ratio. Compare your result with the efficiency of the standard regenerative cycle.

Reference no: EM131276614

Find the velocity of the gases at the nozzle exit

A turbojet aircraft flies with a velocity of 1100 km/h at an altitude where the air temperature and pressure are -35°C and 40 kPa. Air leaves the diffuser at 50 kPa with a v

Find the amount of work produced per cylinder per cycle

Consider a simple ideal Brayton cycle operating between the temperature limits of 300 and 1500 K. Using constant specific heats at room temperature, determine the pressure r

Determine the mass flow rates at the two outlets

Determine the mass flow rates at the two outlets (flue gas and fly ash) when 10 kg/s of flue gas and ash mixture enters this unit. Also determine the amount of fly ash colle

Determine the mass of air that has entered the tank

A steady-flow compressor is used to compress helium from 15 psia and 70°F at the inlet to 200 psia and 6008F at the outlet. The outlet area and velocity are 0.01 ft2 and 100

Determine the mass of air vented out in one day

The ventilating fan of the bathroom of a building has a volume flow rate of 30 L/s and runs continuously. If the density of air inside is 1.20 kg/m3 , determine the mass of

Determine the volume flow rate of air at the inlet

Air whose density is 0.078 lbm/ft3 enters the duct of an air-conditioning system at a volume flow rate of 450 ft3 /min. If the diameter of the duct is 10 in, determine the v

What is flow energy

A house is maintained at 1 atm and 24°C, and warm air inside a house is forced to leave the house at a rate of 150 m3 /h as a result of outdoor air at 5°C infiltrating into

Calculate the velocity at the exit of the nozzles

The stators in a gas turbine are designed to increase the kinetic energy of the gas passing through them adiabatically. Air enters a set of these nozzles at 300 psia and 700


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