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An executive uses a software system that calculates the amounts of the federal and state tax incentives and loan guarantees available for energy production of various types. The calculation results are provided to clients on a fee basis. His clients are energy producers in nuclear power, fossil fuel, "clean oil," renewable electricity, and related undertakings. The software system has become slow, resulting in missed due dates for reports that clients were counting on. The executive decided to form an integrated project team (IPT) to determine the root cause of the problem.

Reference no: EM13326681

Find out how many of each kind of bill to dispense

Write down a program for an automatic teller machine that dispenses money. The user should enter the amount desired (a multiple of ten dollars) and the machine dispenses thi

Developing the algorithm and analyzing its running time

Katt wishes you to develop an algorithm that, provided a string X, computer efficiently how many ways X can be broken up into the sequence of words.

How to generate paper for pair of public or private rsa key

How to generate paper for a pair of public or private RSA keys? The high-class reporter for foreign affairs learned about asymmetric cryptography, and proposed to security

What are the systems perceived deficiencies

What are system's perceived deficiencies? What changes can you propose to improve perceived deficiencies? What data and processes will be affected by these changes? What chang

How could companies offering "free" products

The seminar uses Linux as an example of a company that understands competitive positioning. How can companies offering "free" products (e.g., Linux, Netscape) make money fro

Why a robust web presence matters to company executives

Analyze how social media provides a competitive advantage for an organization's Web strategy, given that many companies have started hiring personnel to handle Facebook and

Know the memory hierarchy and why it so useful

Know the memory hierarchy and why it so useful. Explain how data is stored on a magnetic disk (track, cylinder, platter, sector). Explain how data is retrieved from a magnetic

Small companies should often execute several functions

IT administrators in small companies must often execute several functions at the equal time like network administrator, database administrator, user consultant and others.


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