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The GAC company is considering the purchase of a special shipment of portable air conditioners manufacted in japan. each unit will cost 80 and it will be sold for 125. GAC does not want to carry surplus air conditioners over until the following year. Thus, all surplus air conditioners will be sold to a wholesaler for 50 per unit. Assume that the air conditioner demanded follows a normal probability distribution with u = 20 sigma = 8
A. What is the recommended order quantity?
B. What is the probilty that GAC will sell all units it orders?

Reference no: EM13105293

Connect the dots from vision and mission to activity level

The most successful organizations are able to connect vision/mission all the way to the everyday activities of employees. Why is it critical to connect the dots from vision an

Large scale pharmaceutical manufacturing company

A large scale pharmaceutical manufacturing company estimates, based on a shipping fee of $1000 per order, that they can optimally balance inventory holding costs and shipping 

Find the cost and schedule variances and the three indexes

A project to develop a county park has an actual cost in month 17 of $350,000, a planned cost of $475,000, and a value completed of $300,000. Find the cost and schedule varian

Could daniel legiti­mately refuse to pay ground

Daniel got a loan from Sally Auto Sales to buy a car. When Daniel does not pay the loan or return the car, Sally Auto Sales wants to transfers the right to the payment to Grou

How alexis can maximize her cash on hand at the end of april

She must be able to pay cash for all corn at the time of purchase. Use linear programming to decide explain how Alexis can maximize her cash on hand at the end of April.

What will be your recommendations for improvement

One newly appointed project manager in your company has asked you to review his WBS for an IT project. The thirty-day project had 340 work packages and some of the work packag

Non-managerial theft or sabotage of property

Some claim that white collar crime is not as bad or harmful as non-managerial theft or sabotage of property. Do you agree? Why or why not? The issue of who should be responsib

Identify what elements in the external environment

Identify what elements in the external environment could affect Dippin’ Dots’ strategy in relationship to their growth? Included Political/Legal, Economic and Global, Sociocul


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