Determine the rate of evaporation of water
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Water is to be boiledat sea level in a 30 cm diameter stainless steel pan on top of a3-kW electric burner. If60% of the heat generated by the burner is transferred to thewater during boiling, determinethe rate ofevaporation of water. (3.392ndC)


A large tank has twocompartments that are separated by a non-permeable membrane(a gas imperviousbarrier). One side has 1 kg of air with a volume of 0.5m3, and the other side has 0.75m3 of air, with a density of 0.8kg/m3. The barrier is then broken and the air in the roomequilibrates. Determine the final density of the air.(2.387thS)


Bioterrorism laboratories are often operated under negative pressure, so nodangerous microbes can escape. Aparticular bioterrorism laboratory room is operatedunder vacuum of 0.1 kPa,what force would it take to pull open the door (outward from the room) if the door is2m by 1m. (2.447thS)


A hurricane ripped offa 1000 square foot roof off a modern building. The roof weighs approximately 2 lbsper square foot. What was the pressure (differential insideand outside the building) required todo this? Neglect any anchoring forces. (2.106E7thS)

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