Determine the principles of building high-performing teams

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Question: Do 5 pages ppt, our topic is: Dynamic Team-Building Exercise for Small Groups - Paper Holding (By Mark Collard)

Our class is Leadership, so your ppt must relate leadership.

Course Description: Offers students an opportunity to lead teams through all stages of team development, learn and overcome team challenges, and determine the principles of building high-performing teams while nurturing the cohesion and bonding of team members. The team is the unit of an organization where most leaders begin to develop influence skills. Leading teams involves managing different personalities, cultures, and varying skill levels, while simultaneously securing resources and managing expectations of stakeholders. In this course, students also have an opportunity to learn effective techniques for working with virtual teams, managing conflict in teams, and facilitating team problem solving.

• The presentation should allow for a task to be accomplished within the given time frame.

• The presenting team will convey clear expectations and desired outcomes.

• Members of the presenting team should be identified to evaluate the presentation as it is in process. This information should be analyzed to by the team afterwards to consider the exercise's effectiveness.

Reference no: EM132234468

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