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Identify two competitors to your stock company. Determine the price and number of shares outstanding of each stock at the beginning of Week 1 (time t), and also at the end of Week 4 (time t+1). It may help to put this data in a table like this: Stock Price per share at time t Price per share at time t+1 Number of shares outstanding at t Number of shares outstanding at t+1 Your company Bank of America 11.30 11.29 10,820,274,944 Competitor Sovereign Bank 12.30 14.30 10,321,179,750 Competitor Chase Manhattan 50.11 49.31 10,780,000,000 Calculate the price-weighted average at time t+1. Calculate the value-weighted index at t+1 assuming a beginning value of the index is 100 and the base value is $10,000. Calculate the unweighted index using the geometric average and an index value of 1000 at time t. Calculate the return on each of the three indicators in (9) through (11) for the period t to t+1. Please try to solve the problems. The data are provided. The outstanding shares for the company and its competitors.

Reference no: EM13278683

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find the nominal interest rate for a debt security given the following information: real rate = 2%, liquidity premiun = 2%, defalult risk premium = 4%, maturity risk premium =


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