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Choose an industry of your choice. It must be from either Canada or the United States of America. International students may choose an industry from their home country with prior permission from your T.A. Define your industry in terms of its NAICS code. Discuss how the industry has evolved over time. Identify the major firms in the industry. Determine to the extent possible the relative market shares of these firms. Discuss the degree of concentration in the industry using CR4, other n-firm concentration ratios, H-H indices, etc. Has the industry always been this concentrated, or has the level of concentration changed over time? Have the top firms always been the same, or have the dominant firms changed over time? What kind of price discrimination, bundling or typing strategies are taken by the existing firms in the industry? What, if anything is done by the existing firms to deter entry? Assess the possibility of collusion in the industry. Refer to the characteristics we discussed in class which may help or hinder collusion. Depending on space, you may discuss some, not all of the ideas outlined above.

Requirement and tips for this Assignment:

1. Papers should be 3-4 pages, typed with 1.5 spacing and 12 point font, with an added page for bibliographic references. Shorter or longer papers are discouraged and must be accompanied by an explanation.

2. At the end of each paper, there should be a list of bibliographic references. You must write the references in APA style. About APA style

3. Papers must be submitted on time. Extensions will be granted only under medical or other emergencies. Late papers will automatically get a grade of zero.

4. Correct grammar is expected. Egregious grammatical mistakes will be penalized. Please remember to do a spell-check before submitting the assignment.

5. Clear and concise writing will be rewarded. Vague, rambling, or excessively wordy writing will be penalized.

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