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A bank manager wants to determine the percent of time that tellers are working and idle. She decides to use work sampling, and her initial estimate is that the tellers are idle 30 percent of the time. How many observations should the manager take in order to be 95% confident that the results will not be mroe than 2.5% aware from the true result?

Reference no: EM13111448

What is the minimum sales quantity that would justify

purchase new equipment at a net fixed cost of $63,000. If the firm chooses to make modifications, variable materials and labor will be $27.0 per board. What is the minimum s

Demand and capacity

Process Layout, Product Layout, Fixed position Layout, shaping of business policy, key objective of the operations manager, managing both demand and capacity

Define what happens to the ordering and holding costs

For each scenario in the below table, run 30 simulations and report the overall mean service level and the estimated total cost. Does this new reorder point achieve the des

Building sustainable competitive advantage

Building a sustainable Competitive Advantage – one that is hard to copy and can endure over time – is the focus and reason an entrepreneur takes the time to complete a thoroug

What is the reliability of the cd player

A CD player has 3 components that all must function for the player to work. The average reliability of each component is 0.86. What is the reliability of the CD player? (Rou

Positive-helpful behaviors would help morale within group

Explain how group cohesiveness influences productivity. How would you control or manage those who were harming the group's productivity and morale? Identify two additional ani

Why is it important to develop a personal vision

What is vision, and why is it important to develop a personal vision? How can developing a personal vision enable a leader to develop and motivate people forward in the organi

The circulation manager of the new york times

The circulation manager of The New York Times in State College, PA is trying to decide how many copies of the upcoming Sunday edition of the paper to order so as to meet the


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