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A bank manager wants to determine the percent of time that tellers are working and idle. She decides to use work sampling, and her initial estimate is that the tellers are idle 30 percent of the time. How many observations should the manager take in order to be 95% confident that the results will not be mroe than 2.5% aware from the true result?

Reference no: EM13111448

Use to produce the forecasted demand

You are the operations manager for an OEM manufacturing plant that produces YBOX game consoles. Based on the sales record from 2014, the marketing manager forecasts the demand

Using the ethical reasoning of kant or mill to support

In terms of morality, which do you believe is more important -- the intention of an action, or the results of an action? Explain, using the ethical reasoning of Kant or Mill t

Discuss the characteristics of raid rat spray

What factors should be considered when developing inventory systems for the 10,000 items carried by Dano's. What are the key differences between items that would affect how

What is percentage of calls being answered by a physician

A company has started a phone service that uses overseas doctors to provide emergency medical consultations. The responding doctors are based in a country with low wages but w

Evaluation instruments for one of the training modules

This week, using your homework assignment from last week (your proposal you wrote for your supervisor on whether to purchase the training modules you evaluated), create two ev

Hospital medical record is considered delinquent

A hospital medical record is considered delinquent if it is over 30 days past the discharge date by the physician that is responsible for completing documentation in it. How m

Benefits to family members of delivering hand massage

Benefits to Family Members of Delivering Hand Massage with Essential Oils to Critically Ill Patients Article. Which of these statements best describes this study’s research fr

Personal leadership theory

Personal Leadership Theory Describe your own personal leadership theory and evaluate how your theory upholds ethical principles. Your response should be at least 200 words in


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