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A supplier ships 100 units of a product every Monday. The purchase cost of product is Rs.60 per unit. The cost of ordering and transportation from the supplier is Rs.150 per order. The cost of carrying inventory is estimated at 15 % per year of the purchase cost. Find the lot-size that will minimize the cost of the system. Also determine the optimum cost.

Reference no: EM131350352

Frequently should order for rivets

A company uses rivets at a rate of 5,000 kg per year, rivets costing Rs.2 per kg. It costs Rs.20 to place an order and the carrying cost of inventory is 10 % per annum. How

Manufacturer purchases lubricants

An oil engine manufacturer purchases lubricants at the rate of Rs. 42 per piece from a vendor. The requirement of these lubricants is 1,800 per year. What should be the orde

Average inventory value

Using the following information, obtain the EOQ and the total variable cost associated with the policy of ordering quantities of that size. Annual demand = 20,000 units, ord

Exercise results in a word document

To install a 10,000 feet fence at a cost of $10.00/per foot. It is estimated that 500 feet of fence can be installed per week for a total of 20 weeks. After 12 weeks and wit

Which country should be selected for the new office

Which country should be selected for the new office - If Spain's score were lowered in the Stability of government factor, to a 4, how would its overall score change? On this

Which site should tracy choose

Which site should Tracy choose - If site D's score for Energy costs increases from a 3 to a 5, do results change - If site A's Weather score is adjusted to a 4, what is the im

In which country should harden college choose

In which country should Harden College choose to set up its European campus - How would the decision change if the "degree to which the population can converse in English" was

Which country should be selected for the new plant

Which country should be selected for the new plant - Political unrest in Thailand results in a lower score, 2, for Political and legal aspects. Does your conclusion change?


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