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Matthew Suskind is the production planner for Blueberry Microcomputer Corporation (BMC). BMC manufactures two models of microcomputers: Model T1 a modified desktop and Model R3 and laptop version. Each T1 requires 2 disk drives, 4 hours of assembly labor and 2 hours of quality assurance labor. Each R3 requires 1 disk drive, 1 hour of assembly labor and 7 hours of quality assurance labor. After consulting with the appropriate departments, Matthew has estimated that monthly availability of resources for the upcoming quarter will as follows: disk drives, 20,000 units; assembly labor, 32,000 hours; and quality assurance labor, 88,000 hours. Sale of each T1 contributes $900 to BMCs profit and the sale of each R3 contributes $600. Write the linear programming formulation to determine the optimal production mix of the two models for BMC.

Reference no: EM131150490

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A New York-based online concert-ticket seller, Songkick, has helped major artists sell passes directly to fans so as to avoid scalpers. The company recently filed a lawsuit ag

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The "cartwheel" is a technique designed to assist paralegals in acquiring the skill of using indexes and tables of contents in law books. The "cartwheel" is a method of develo


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