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Cancita’s International produces three styles of muumuus (Lanai, Maui, and Plumeria) for the Hawaiian tourist market. Each Lanai style muumuu requires 2 minutes machine time, 30 minutes labor, and costs $7. Maui style requires 2.5 minutes machine time, 40 minutes labor, and costs $10 to produce. Finally, Plumeria style, the top of the line, requires 3 minutes machine time, 1 hour labor, and costs $13 to produce.

Each Lanai muumuu sells for $12, Maui for $14, and Plumeria for $20.

The company works on a weekly schedule of five days, with two shifts of 7.5 hours per day. It has four machines available for production and 50 employees on each shift.   Its declared objective is profit maximization.

Write the linear programming model for this problem to determine the optimal mix of the three styles to be produced.

Reference no: EM132234778

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