Determine the number of cds and video rentals that will

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Maurice has the following utility function:

u(X, Y) = 20X + 80Y - x2 - 2y2

where X is his consumption of CDs with a price of $1 and Y is his consumption of movie videos, with a rental price of $2.He plans to spend $41 on both forms of entertainment. Determine the number of CDs and video rentals that will maximize Maurice"s utility.

Reference no: EM13321634

Relationship between total, managerial and average cost

Explain using the assumptions of preferences that indifferences curves cannot intersect and graphically illustrate the relationship between total cost, managerial cost and ave

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If Bayer is currently making normal profits on most of the products in its product line, but is making pure profits on its new Alka-Seltzer Plus with decongestant, what shou

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During the Great Depression, the US economy experienced a falling price level and declining real GDP. Using an AD-AS diagram, graphically illustrate and explain how this t

Making it cost- less for them to communicate

Ronald owns a cattle farm at the source of a long river. His cattle’s waste flows into the river and down many miles to where Carla lives. Carla gets her drinking water from t


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