Determine the moment of inertia

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Problem 1: For the beam below, determine the moment of inertia Ix' about the centroidal x' axis.

1449_determine the moment of inertia.jpg

Reference no: EM13871029

Formulate a linear programming model for the given problem

Formulate a linear programming model for this problem. Solve the model with Excel Solver. Interpret your solution. If you have the chance to buy additional land at the price

Present worth analysis and the data

1. The expansion of the Wideplace Mall is delayed over the issue of parking.  There is not enough now to support the new facility and more must be added.  Let's suppose that

Generation of random numbers

Consider an exponentially distributed RV with a=0, use the inverse transform method to generate a sequence of exponentially distributed random numbers for different values o

Steepest ascent-randomized steepest ascent

1.1. Write a program that will find the maxima of the following function using Golden section search algorithm starting from xl = -4 and xu = 1. Your function should take xl

Histogram for gaussian normal random variable

1. A histogram for Gaussian "Normal" random variable X_1 with zero-mean and unit variance. Calculate its mean and variance.  2. Repeat 1 for a uniformly distributed random var

Find stress,strain and modulus of elasticity

A metallic rectangular rod 1.5m long,40mm wide and 25mm thick is subjected to axial tensile load of 120KN.Elongation of rod is 0.9mm.Find stress,strain and modulus of elastici

Problem regarding the concrete specifications

A friend recently had some concrete poured as part of an outdoor patio area. After several months of use the concrete surface is very powdery, prone to crumbling and not wea

Rolling on a rough slope without slipping

Use Newton's 2nd law to derive the equations of motion for the system shown in Figure 1 where the solid, uniform cylinder of mass m and radius R is rolling on a rough slope


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