Determine the molecular weight of a compound

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Determine the molecular weight of a compound given the gas phase data: mass of 11.8 g, temperature of 39.1 C, pressure of 630 torr, volume of 1.31 L.

Reference no: EM13127117

Determine the entropy change of the universe

The delta G for the freezing of H2O (l) at -10 degrees celsius is -210 J/mol and the heat of fusion of ice at this temperature is 5610 J/mol. Find the entropy change of the

How to calculate the reaction rate at the conditions

The reaction is first-order in N2O5, with the specific rate constant 6.08 x 10-4/s. Calculate the reaction rate at these conditions. a. [N2O5] = 0.200 mol/L b. [N2O5] = 0.319

State the hydrolysis using bond energies

Calculate ?Hºrxn for the hydrolysis using bond energies. c. Why are the two values relatively close for the hydration in part "a" but not close for the hydrolysis in part "b

Explain what is the molar mass of the compound

If an aqueous solution of certain organic compound has a density of 1.063g/mL, an osmotic pressure of 12.16atm at 25o C, and a freezing point of -1.03 o C. The compound is k

Exp-lain the concentration of b steadily increased until

Question- 5.20 mol of Solid A was placed in a 1.00 L sealed container and allowed to decompose into gaseous B and C. The concentration of B steadily increased until it reach

Draw the structures of the species present in water

When 157mg of dipentylamine was added to 122mg of benzoic acid and 2 mL of water, a completey homogenous solution was formed. Draw the structures of the species present in w

Concentration of lead in water sample

Federal regulations limit the concentration of Lead in drinking water to 15 ppb. It is discovered that some water had lead levels of 6.4x10^-5 M. what is the concentration o

Explain encompassing problems in understanding stoichiometry

I am actually encompassing problems in understanding stoichiometry. I 'm a bit baffled on how to solve problems such as, finding the number of moles as well as other related


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