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You will submit your system requirements.

The system requirements model is to be submitted as a Word document that is a combination of sections: a requirements model, a data process model, a data flow diagram, a data dictionary, an object model, and a use case diagram.

Copy the image of your diagram into your Word document and include text to ensure that the diagram has proper context within the overall system requirements model through written explanations.

Your audience is IT management and the IT project team.

Specifically the following critical elements must be addressed:

II. System Requirements: Detail the specific requirements of your case.

Be sure to include screenshots of all relevant diagrams, charts, and tables.

a) Requirements Modeling: Assess the current system to identify the requirements for the new system.

Be sure to address each of the following aspects: outputs, inputs, processes, performance, and controls (i.e., security).

b) Data Process Model: Create a visual representation of all relevant data processes that represents a logical model of the requirements of the system based on the systems development life cycle.

c) Data Flow Diagram: Create a visual representation of the data flow based on the systems development life cycle.

d) Data Dictionary: Create a data dictionary that annotates your system requirements to build clarity in communicating with the relevant audiences.

e) Object Modeling: Use appropriate object modeling techniques and tools to describe the system requirements.

f) Use Case Diagrams: Create (a) use case diagram(s) that outline the system requirements based on the systems development life cycle.

The systems requirements should be based on the proposal below: My business case proposal is based on New Wellness Group. New Century Wellness Group offers a holistic approach to health care with an emphasis on preventive medicine as well as traditional medical care.

The company was founded ten years ago by medicine specialists Timothy Jones and Dolores Garcia.

New Century Wellness Group does not currently have any competition, there are currently no other companies offering the same range of services.

They have over 20 staff members and a client base of 8,000 patients from 325 employers. New Century Wellness Group currently only has one location but is looking into expanding close to a new medical center (Rosenblatt, H. J., & Cashman, T. J., 2014).

The current office staff is no longer able to handle the workload due to the increased amount of business. This means that all departments in the company should be considered to alleviate some of their workload. Staff members work ing in all aspects of the clinic''s operations, including payroll, tax reporting, patient records and insurance will be considered during the development of the new system proposal.

Since none of the members on their team has experience with computers, Anita who has been working with New Century Wellness Group since it as established, has suggested to hire additional office staff because she does not think the current office staff can handle the workload.

However, Doctor Jones did not agree with hiring more office staff, instead he suggested hiring a systems analyst who will analyze and offer solutions to their business needs. After having a staff meeting, Doctor Jones and Doctor Garcia concluded that their practice needs an advanced information system to support its business and health information management needs.

Their current system uses paper-based and legacy systems, which would be replaced by the new information system. The current paper-based system is outdated and p rone to disorganization.

New Century Wellness Group is looking for an information system that will BUSSINESS CASE PROPOSAL 3 improve its current operations and that will also allow for future growth.

A modern electronic system that would allow faster order times for patient request, easier organization and retrieval of information, and a better way to track the health of their patients.

The business operations of New Century Wellness Group appear to be common of a clinic of this size. However, there is not enough information to reach a conclusion about the budget provided for this project, but it is evident that the staff is growing workload, which can result in hiring new staff members and increase labor costs.

The audience for this system proposal are Doctor Jones, Doctor Garcia and their office staff. The new system would affect everyone working for New Century Wellness Group, specifically the following departments; Human Resources, Medical Records, Accounting, Billing an d Appointments. However, many of the members of each department have been working for the company for many years and are used to their current system, so it is very important that the new system does not affect their work negatively.

Furthermore, more information needs to be obtained about the current office systems and the limitations of the proposed system. This information is essential, especially when implementing a new system that will affect many aspects of the way the clinic operates.

In order to communicate the information of my proposal to the office staff, I will first gather information from each staff member to understand their level of technology literacy.

Addressing target audience based on this research will allow to develop a strategy that will help to better communicate.

Determine the medium through which the office staff prefers to communicate, wether it is a presentation, e-mail or a printed presentation.

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Reference no: EM13761827

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