Determine the maximum weight w

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The breaking strength of the cable FG that supports the portable camping stool is 400 lb. Determine the maximum weight W that can be supported. Neglect friction and the weights of the members.


Reference no: EM131306886

Calculate the gradient under which the flow is occurring

The relative density of a sloped sand deposit is known to be 75%. Water is observed to be seeped through this slope at a rate such that the discharge velocity is 0.6 m/day.

Compute andcompare its theoretical density

Molybdenum has a BCC crystal structure, an atomic radius of0.1363 nm, and an atomic weight of 95.94 g/mol. Compute andcompare its theoretical density with the experimental val

Determine the values of k and c

The landing gear of an airplane can be idealized as the spring-mass damper system. If the runway surface is described y(t)=y0 cos wt, determine the values of k and c that li

What is equivalent height of water column for pressure

Tall buildings can develop a significant difference in pressure between the inside and the outside of the building. Air lock entrances are used at the ground level so the pr

Calculate what will be the new height of fluid column

A u-tube manometer is used to measure the pressure of a vessel under vacuum. Assume the manometer is open to atmospheric pressure (101.325 kPa) and the density of the fluid

Derive an equation for the excess pore water pressure

The excess pore water pressure at the top boundary is not zero because the sand layer was partially blocked. Derive an equation for the excess pore water pressure distributi

Compare with the allowable stresses on a simple span

A 4 X 12 (S4S) hem-fir timber beam carries a superimposed uniformly distributed load of 325 lb/ft on a simple span of 12ft. Determine the maximum bending stress and the maxi

Show that the result does not depend on dip

In chapter 2, it was argued that the deformation due to a single buried screw dislocation is independent of the dip of the dislocation surface. Prove this using Volterra's f


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