Determine the maximum weight w

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The breaking strength of the cable FG that supports the portable camping stool is 400 lb. Determine the maximum weight W that can be supported. Neglect friction and the weights of the members.


Reference no: EM131306886

Find area of steel reinforcement required for concrete tbeam

Find the area of steel reinforcement required for a concrete T-beam for the following data; f'c = 3 ksi, fy=60 ksi,d=18 in, t= 4.5 in., bw= 10 in., bf= 36 in., 3/4" aggregat

Determine the flow depth velocity and froude number after

In 2006, the united states emitted 6,000 million metric tons (Mt) of CO2, 26.6 MtCH4, and 1.2 MtN2O. using 100 year global warming potentials, whats is the equivalent CO2 emis

Calculate its elongation when a load of 300 n is applied

consider a cylindrical nickel wire 2.0 mm in diameter and 3 x 10^4 mm long. Calculate its elongation when a load of 300 N is applied. Assume that the deformation is totally

Determine magnitude and location of resultant force acting

The tank contains water to depth of 2m and oil (SG=0.8) on top of the water to a depth of 1m. Determine the magnitude and location of the resultant force acting on one end o

Calculate for the water contained in the tank the volume

Water in the amount of 1 lb is contained in a rigid closed tank. Initially the water has a quality of 0.4 at a pressure of 10 lbf/in2. Through a stirrer, work is provided to

Calculate the maximum normal stress on the top of the beam

Consider a simply supported beam of lenght 50ft pinned on the left end at A and on a roller at the right end at B and subjected to a concentrated load of 20 kips at a distance

Find q and w for each process and put values in table

A Carnot power cycle uses 0.45 kg air, modeled as an ideal gas, as the working fluid. The net work, Wcyc, is 93.64 kJ and the thermal efficiency is 0.6. During the isotherma

Installation of motor on pw criterion

At the end of 15 years, the first motor will have a salvage value of $50 and the second motor will have a salvage value of $100. consider the MARR to be 8%. (note : 1HP=0.74


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